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Intralot Games

There's more winners, more often with Intralot, The Luck Factory, at Nextra Williamstown News & Lotto. There are six exciting games for you to play: Lucky 5 Red or Black, Lucky 3, Lucky Scratchies, Lucky Keno, Lucky Bingo Star & Lucky Lines. If you need some advice on how to play any of the games, we'll be happy to assist you.

Lucky 5

Lucky 5 Red or Black -
Lucky 5 Red or Black is drawn daily at 7:30pm. It's a fun numerical game where you pick 5 numbers from 35 and either choose red or black. It's that easy and $50,000 or more could be yours! 

Lucky 3

Lucky 3 - Just pick your 3 favourite numbers from 0 to 9 and $500 could be yours. There's a draw a day and for only $1.10 per Game, winning's as easy as 1-2-3. Drawn daily at 6:30pm!

Lucky Scratchies

Lucky Scratchies - If you're feeling lucky or in the mood for a quick thrill, there are several different LUCKY SCRATCHIES games for you to enjoy ranging from $1 to $10. Scratch off the playing area to reveal a variety of lucky symbols or $ amounts. The winning combination of these symbols and the corresponding winning amounts are shown on each ticket, so you know immediately if you're a winner.

Lucky Keno

Lucky Keno - With the new Lucky Keno you can now play to win $2 Million every day of the week. You can play Lucky Keno from just $1. Choose your own numbers or play a Lucky Pik. To choose your own numbers simply complete an entry coupon or use the numbers stored on your Luck Card. To have the numbers selected for you simply ask for a Lucky Pik. Be sure to ask if you need any assistance. The Lucky Keno numbers are drawn every day at 8-00pm.

Lucky Bingo Star

Lucky Bingo Star - Lucky Bingo Star is fun and easy to play with 4 exciting ways to win: Corners, Diagonals, Full House & the Snowball jackpot prize! Up to 15 games can be purchased on the one ticket! Drawn every Sunday at 8pm. To play, simply ask us for a Lucky Bingo Star ticket.

Lucky Lines

Lucky Lines - Create lines to win with Lucky Lines. The more Lucky Lines you create, the more money you win! Simply match your numbers with those drawn and see how many straight lines you can draw, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It's easy, match cross and win! Drawn Daily at 7pm. To play, complete the coupon or ask us for a Lucky Pik.

Lucky Lines

Keep your winnings safe! A Luck Card is an easy, fun & safe way to play your favourite games.  A Luck Card is brilliant because it will help you keep track of your winnings. Without a Luck Card, you may be a winner and you don't even know! Simply present your Luck Card when you play Lucky Lines, Lucky Keno 70 or Lucky Star Bingo to register your lucky numbers. If after 4 weeks you have not claimed your winnings, Intralot will send them direct to you! Call in and complete the application form and we'll give you a Temporary Membership Tick allowing you to play straight away.